£13k In One Day – Free Case Study Part 9

£13k In One Day

£13k in one day, or $16.5k for the Americans reading!

In this post I’ll  cover some of what has been happening in September and most of October 2022 as we scaled up to 5 figures per day with our UK fulfilment store.

Stock arrived (thankfully) just in time right at the end of Q3 so we could start scaling up straight away as October hit.

We were getting testy in the warehouse but stock, and packaging to send it all out in…. arrived in the nick of time! 😅

Q4 Stock arriving!

Christmas Toys

£13k In One Day

Things have been pretty relentless ever since as we’ve scrambled around hiring even more staff and mailing out up to 650 packages every 24 hours!

Next month we move into a huge new warehouse and really take things to the next level.

So, on with the numbers.

September Stats

My last blog post ended with September stats thru the 19th.

Here’s Shopify stats for the full month. £55.8k

September Shopify Stats Full Month 2022

Note the spike right at the end.

This was when new stock arrived and we could at last start scaling ads hard.

You’ll be getting sick of hearing this now but I’ve got to write it for my own sanity.

Shopify screenshots in my last few posts have been low quality.

I can only apologise. This is due to no longer having access to this Shopify admin.

I’ve had to take some screenshots in this post from my matching YouTube video.

September/October Progress

– Had Covid

  • Completely messed me up for a few weeks which meant another gap in both my blog and YouTube schedule.
  • Meant I didn’t make it up to Liverpool in October either.

– Scaling HARD!

  • Hit £10k per DAY for the first time on October 20th, 2022

£10k A Day With Shopify

  • Q4 in full swing already.
  • Beat £10k a day and actually hit £13k in one day!
  • Moved fulfilment into a new, bigger room as we got busier and busier.

Fulfilment Room 1
Fulfilment Room 2

  • Load of stock including Christmas toys arrived September 29th as I’ve already mentioned.
  • Immediately cranked ads right up.

Q4 Was Going So Hard!

  • Adspend at this point was on about £4.2k/day with ROAS @ about 3.
  • Had 3 winners going hard.
  • Also had a 4th smaller winner starting to go hard.
  • CPC in a good place – perfect to scale.
  • Constantly duping ads and raising budgets.
  • See the progress from September into October as Q4 kicks into gear!

£13k In One Day

Other News….

Next month we finally get to move into our bigger, better warehouse and office.

Pics incoming in the next post 🎉

I didn’t make it to Liverpool in October due to having Covid, but as mentioned in a previous post – I am relocating up there in November!

Liverpool Fun Times

Exciting times 🥳

Miscellaneous Bits To Finish

  • Been hiring even more staff to help do fulfilment as the number of daily orders goes up to the moon.
  • Klaviyo continues to grow and make us more and more money month by month.
  • Started mapping out BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) strategy.
  • End of October and moving forwards is going to get even crazier… watch this space!

Ok… that’s it for this blog post about our UK fulfilment store turning over £13k in one day 🙌🏻

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