About Internet Bling

Welcome to my blog – Internet Bling.

My name’s Dan Daniels and I’ve been making money online in one way or another since 1994.

My internet marketing journey began 3 decades ago with selling cell phone ring tones on a CD-ROM from my bedroom.

Since then I’ve worked in multiple MMO (make money online) niches including dating, blogging, lead & traffic gen, affiliate marketing, video production, design and email marketing.

The last 10 years have been spent mainly involved with ecommerce – running my own stores and working on others, media buying across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Etsy, social media management, private coaching, consulting for other stores and websites, producing digital courses, funnel design, and a YouTube channel.

New for 2024 is co-launching an email marketing agency, making a new course on Klaiyo email marketing, plus more affiliate marketing in other niches. 

I’ve travelled and lived all over the world in countries such as Canada, Spain, America, Singapore, Australia, Thailand… had some amazing experiences, and met all kinds of people through doing internet marketing.

The purpose of my blog Internet Bling is to help other people out there make money online.

Expect tips, tricks, methodology, case studies, YouTube videos and more – all on how to make a living using your computer and the internet.

It’s currently 2024, I’m back in Bangkok, and the sun is shining!

More updates coming very soon.