£0-£157k in 12 weeks – Free Case Study Part 5

£0-£157k In 12 Weeks

This post is about how we took a brand new Shopify store from £0-£157k in 12 weeks.

Firstly, let me apologise in advance for the quality of some of the images in this post (and subsequent ones unfortunately). 😭

I no longer have access to this Shopify admin so am having to take screenshots  from my YouTube videos.

Such is life.

At this point we were 1 day over 12 weeks from start of opening this store, and had hit total income to date of £157,444.71.

Totals for the month of June as you can see below were £79,419.16.

I recorded the corresponding YouTube to this blogpost just after the end of Q2, 2022 and it can be found here.

June Shopify Stats 2022

At that point, we had suffered yet more setbacks – hence the income drop you can see towards the end of June.

If you’ve ever seen a guru on YouTube telling you how “easy” running an ecommerce store is, they’re full of sh*t.

Some things were getting fixed, but others were breaking.

After messing about and having to reduce adspend, we finally got our new banking sorted.

See the previous post in this series if you’d like to read more about that.

Both new Stripe and Paypal accounts were opened.

Paypal & Stripe

After a couple of stressful days where we only had Paypal active…

Our new Stripe account finally got enabled on July 4th.

We were back, baby! (kind of, lol)

More new-new…

While some things had been going wrong, this doesn’t mean you can’t work on other things and make them right.

In the meantime we had not been sitting still.

More boxes of our winning product was on the way from China.

More samples of other product had also been ordered and was also on the way.

Extra staff were needed and we went on a bit of a hiring spree.

A new guy was employed to help out fulfilling product as by this point things had gotten way too much for just one person.

Two new (local) video editors were hired to shoot product and video ads.

We’d been using Fiverr up to now and were mostly happy with the results.

But, having people in-house would speed up this entire process.

We hired a social media manager to start pumping out content leading up to Christmas.

And finally, we were discussing and searching for suitable Q4 products.

New winners were needed in time for Christmas.

Time to start scaling back up!

Q3 kicked in and now we had our ducks slightly more in a row, we could begin inching up adspend again.

Gawd these screenshots are horrible. My apologies..

July Shopify Stats 2023

Ok numbers were low, but they were headed in the right direction.

As we began to push adspend up again, daily income began to go back up towards £1k a day.

Facebook ads ROAS was above 2 so all good there.

As July continued we were now in the right place to keep scaling slowly but surely.

New info about our winner.

Around this time we found out some interesting, and hilarious, news about our £9.99 winning product.

Turns out there are actually 3 ‘versions’ of it available from China.

Low quality, medium quality, and high quality.

You literally couldn’t make this up.

Kept that one quiet didn’t you guys?

Most likely because you had been sending us the low quality ones. 🥺

Once we realised this, we switched suppliers to the one who informed us of this news, and ordered another 5k units.

High quality, of course.

Along with 6k in stock at the warehouse we were setup for the next few weeks.

Miscellaneous from the end of this YouTube

Other tasks I had been doing while all the above was happening:

  • Working on the store’s back end (always! this is a constant process).
  • Improving product pages and adding better images.
  • Building out Klaviyo flows with more emails.
  • Creating more Klaviyo email templates.
  • Adding customer testimonial videos to YouTube channel.

Overall I’m super excited about the next few months.

We are finally in the right place again to start pushing up, increasing adspend and therefore profits. 🤓

Hopefully soon £0-£157k in 12 weeks will feel like chicken feed and we can really bang our numbers up.

Everyone seems committed and is working super hard despite the issues we are running into.

Banking and payment processors are fixed.

More stock is on the way.

We are planning the future and have expanded the team.

Bring on Q3 and soon cometh Q4 where we will turn over some serious money!

Ok that’s it for this blog post.

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Part 6 is due soon.

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