How To Turn One Design Into Many

In part 5 of my mini series – I’m going to go over how easy it is to turn one design into many.

See the graphic below for a simple example of how you can take 1 design (on the left), and with some quick changes you can make multiple variations.

Turn 1 Design Into Many

This is why I always recommend getting a .psd or editable graphics file from your designer.

This way you can open it yourself, make a few edits, and hey presto – another 5-10 new designs for different niches.

In part 5 of my mini series I go over how to effectively take 1 design you have had made (or made yourself) then quickly turn that design into many others.

This way you can not only monetise the first design you had made, but expand that design out and use it to continue making money in other niches, if possible.

All it takes is a few edits in Photoshop – in some cases literally one edit only (changing one word).

Export your new design to a .png, upload to Shine-On, and off you go.

You can see in the diagram above how easy it was to take the one design on the left, and make 5 new ones in just a couple of minutes.

You can do the same!

For those of you saying ‘I don’t have Photoshop!’ – guys… get your mindset straight.

Mindset is all important in Internet Marketing.

You want to be an internet marketer am I right? So go get it!

You have Google at your disposal and can get pretty much anything you want if you look hard enough.

For starters Adobe has a free 7 day trial that you can get started with.

Plus there are ahem… ‘other avenues’ where you get software from, not that I condone this of course.. 😉

On a very basic level, if you don’t have, nor want to get Photoshop, simply go back to your designer and ask them to make the changes.

It may cost you some money (less than getting a whole new design made I should hope) but I always try and do things myself wherever possible.

Especially something as quick and simple as changing a few words round in a graphics editing program.

So – please do watch this video as I think it covers important information.

Turning one design into many will stretch your money out, and mean you can expand your Facebook ads into testing other niches and interests.

Remember – the next killer design that could potentially earn you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, is only a few clicks away.

Here’s the new YouTube link, or just click the graphic below! 👇🏻

Done that already? Time to move on to part 6 in my print on demand mini series.

Turn One Design Into Many

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