The Shine-On Platform : Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of Shine-On :

This post is the second of a mini-series where I detail how I made $100k in 12 weeks with Shine-On print on demand jewelry.

In this episode – Pros and cons of using the Shine-On platform. (in my opinion)

The Shine-On Platform : Pros And Cons

What happens in the 2nd video?

In part 2 of my mini series I go over both the pros and cons of using Shine-On’s ‘platform’ pages as opposed to setting up and running your own Shopfiy store.

The intention of this post, and matching video, is not to sway anyone towards choosing either option.

Hopefully I’m giving a balanced view of each and will leave it up to the individual to choose what to do themselves.

Just like I say in the video though, for newbies with a limited budget – the Shine-On platform is simply the best option at first.

You can watch my video for fuller explanations of each point but let’s outline the basics :

The Pros of the Shine-On platform

  • No need for a Shopify store and it’s associated costs
  • Super quick to get up and running
  • 95% of all logistics handled for you (production, shipping, support, returns, refunds…)
  • Shine-On also do retargeting for you – for free

The Cons of the Shine-On platform

  • Can’t build a brand (grow your store, name, online presence etc)
  • No ability to use the many apps available to you when using Shopify
  • Can be a while longer to get paid when you are not using your own payment processors
  • Retargeting options, while free from Shine-On via platform, are limited
  • Overall a general lack of control compared to using your own Shopify store

I’ll finish up by saying whichever option you choose to go for will most likely be decided by a) budget and b) experience.

If you already run your own Shopify store and are looking to add some print on demand products, then there’s no point using the Shine-On platform at all – you already have your own.

Just add the Shine-On app and you can start importing products immediately.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a Shopify store and are new to all of this, then I’d recommend using Shine-On’s platform as it requires almost no start up costs – just some designs and money for Facebook ads.

This YouTube is 11:55 long and definitely worth watching if you have already watched part 1 of this mini-series.

I’ll link it below, and hope you enjoy watching my YouTube about this.

After watching, feel free to move onto part 3 in my print on demand mini series.

The Pros And Cons Of Shine-On Jewelry

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