Adding Your First Product To Shine-On

Adding Your First Product To Shine-On

In this episode – adding your very first product.

Shine-On : Add New Product

What do you cover in the 3rd video?

In part 3 of my mini series I go over how to add your first product to the Shine-On platform in preparation for running Facebook ads, which is covered in part 4.

I cover finding an idea for a design on Etsy, which is where I go for a lot of inspiration when thinking up messages and ideas for my own Shine-On jewelry.

Don’t keep yourself in a box though! Remember there’s Google, Pinterst and Facebook which are all gold for finding good ideas.

There is also the Shine-On Facebook design group that I will link here, but for me this place is over saturated with designers sharing and re-selling designs all over the place. Personally I would not buy any designs from here.

Having a text file open is always a good idea when researching products to quickly paste links and quotes into if you find any good ones.

What about getting a design made?

After this you need to get a design, or multiple designs made, so I talk about going to Fiverr and how to search for a good designer to get yours made up.

I recommend working with a few designers at first, and in the end, settling with 1 who you like the best.

This way you can haggle for a better price, especially when you order multiple designs at once.

Once you have your first design, it’s off to the Shine-On platform to upload it and get it live!

I go through the process of choosing a product, uploading your design, adding your Facebook pixel and finally creating your first Shine-On product page.

When you reach this step, it’s time to watch part 4 of my mini-series where you’ll learn about how to set up Facebook ads and get them running.

The matching YouTube for this blog post is 12:19 minutes and well worth watching if you are confused about how to add a new product to the Shine-On platform.

Head on over to YouTube using this link or click the thumbnail below. 🙌🏻

Once you’re done – watch part 4 in my print on demand mini series.

Adding Your First Product To Shine-On

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