$100k In 12 Weeks With Shine-On Print On Demand Jewelry

This post will be the first of a mini-series where I detail how I made $100k in 12 weeks with Shine-On print on demand jewelry.

My new mini video course

My Youtube course started small with just a few parts, but now has 15 episodes and is continuing to grow.

Check out the playlist here if you are interested in making $100k in 12 weeks with Shine-On jewelry yourself.

I start out this video part by showing a screenshot of the $100k, as everyone seems to like those.

It actually took me 12 weeks and 1 day to go from $0 with Shine-On jewelry, to $100k turnover on my Shopify store.

100k with ShineOn

The six figures here came from 90% (ish) 1 necklace only plus another random 135 sales off other designs I was testing. I didn’t really concentrate on the other designs as I was too busy scaling the main winner.  By some fluke this was the very first product I tried with Shine-On.

Think about that for a second. Selling 1 necklace turned over $90k+ in just over 12 weeks. I even had to stop scaling during the first week of September as there was some huge issue in my Facebook ads business manager. You can see the drop off in the graphic above. No idea what happened, ads that had been firing for well over 2 whole months just stopped working and died.

Looking back, with hindsight, I think a lot of this was to do with America firing up its Facebook ads budgets in preparation for the upcoming election.

But enough about ads right now. This blog post isn’t really about that.

What’s in the first video?

In my YouTube video, following the introduction outlined above I move on to explaining some more about what print on demand actually is, and giving some examples of what a few of Shine-On’s pieces look like.

After that, I go in depth and talk about what I think you will need to get started doing print on demand.

I go into more detail on each point during my YouTube, but here is the general list :

Lastly, I start to talk about which option would be best for someone just starting out – using Shine-On’s ‘platform’ (hosted product pages) or their Shopify app, which would mean running your own store and all associated costs.

The YouTube is 15:33 long and an ideal introduction for anyone interested in how print on demand works, or wanting to get into the business.

I’ll link it below, so enjoy watching it over on YouTube!

Once you’ve finished watching please come back and move onto part 2 in my print on demand mini series.

$100k Shine On Mini Course Part 1

Thanks for reading, and see you in part 2!

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