How To Moderate Comments On Your Facebook Page

No matter what kind of ad you post on Facebook, you’re going to get haters.

You absolutely need to know how to moderate negative comments on your Facebook page(s).

Whether you’re selling Yoga pants or giving away free gold, keyboard warriors worldwide can’t wait to post how horrible you are, how bad your product is, how much they hate you, or that they can buy your product for cheaper elsewhere.

Or one of a hundred other reasons.

Rather than wasting any time or headspace on haters, simply set up Facebook Page Moderation to immediately filter out any words you don’t want to appear in your comments – it’s quick and easy!

Stop rot at its source with literally one copy / paste command.

Why Moderate Your Facebook Page(s)?

  • People will post hate no matter what you do
  • Potential customers are put off by negative posts / energy
  • Moderation saves you time, energy and stress
  • Fully automatic once set up
  • Ends up displaying positive engagement only

How do I Moderate Comments?

  • Go to your Facebook page then click ‘Settings” on the right.
  • Scroll down to “Page Moderation”
  • Click ‘Edit’ on the right
  • Paste in a list of words you do NOT want to appear on your Facebook page, separated by commas.
  • Don’t forget to add in curse words! I haven’t added them here but we all know what they are. lol. Add these to your list as well, again, separated by commas.
  • Feel free to add in any other words you want on your ‘block’ list.

Here’s a list of words you may want to add to your filters :

Just copy and paste these into the Page Moderation section on your Facebook page(s).

Don’t forget to add in your own, plus any curse words!

too expensive, to expensive, stupid, not at this price, not at that price, not that price, sucks, this sucks, terrible, terrible design, bad quality, poor quality, hate, hate this, don’t order, dont order, trust, dont trust, don’t trust, expensive, too expensive, broke, broken, china, chinese, ebay, hong kong, hongkong, pass, scam, scammer, scams, scam artist, scamartist, wish,, wish dot com, amazon, warning, do not buy, don’t buy, dont buy, junk, save your money, save your cash, cheap, cheaply, cheaply made, still waiting, waiting, almost a month, poor, poorly, poorly made, legit, fraud, ali, alibaba, ali baba, ali express, alixpress, alix, dollar tree, dollartree, dollar store, dollarstore, cheaper, cheap, walmart, copyright, endorsed, trademark, trademarked, illegal, license, licensed, fake, counterfit, rip off, ripoff, mama, etsy, spam, fake, http, http://, worst, worse, customer service, refund, exchange, waste, wait, never received, never receive, never got, better deal, dont do it, don’t do it, google, bing, search

I’ve made a YouTube about this. Please go check it out 🙂 

How To Moderate Facebook Comments

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